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Photo by @ kellyu “I’ve been in recovery for about a year, which does not mean healed. It means I’m aware of my struggles, and now I’m working on it,” says 24-year-old Kelly Uchima (@ kellyu), who lives in Chicago. From elementary school through college, Kelly struggled with eating disorders. In 2015, she sought support from a therapist, and her relationship with herself started to transform, both IRL and on Instagram. Today her account, previously focused on fitness, is devoted to self-love. “Pursuing a relationship with yourself, your body and food in self-loving ways is such a journey that’s forever,” says the academic researcher. “I think that’s my biggest mission in social media: showing people how to become their own friend, their own supporter.” 💕 To learn more about Kelly, check out today’s story. This post recognizes @neda Awareness Week in the US. #nedawareness